Community Programmes

Social responsibility and community involvement

Range strives to grow and strengthen the social and economic relationships within the communities we operate in, through the support and employment opportunities, as well as innovative programmes in local health, education, environment, and cultural activities. Our people and partners play a key role in creating value for our shareholders.

We recognise the need for our business to provide direct support to our local communities which rely on sponsorships and donations to survive. We will continue our involvement through various activities and will encourage the participation of our employees in the relevant events.

Current Community Programmes

Supporting education

Range aims to foster and promote the success of children in the communities and provide assistance to students from local schools. For the last three years,  Range has been engaging with the Guayaguayare Roman Catholic Primary School, located near the Company’s Beach Marcelle field in an effort to assist the young people living in the area. Range provided five scholarship grants to the top performing students from the school, as well as stationery supplies. 

Steel orchestra for youth

Range continues its support for the Morne Diablo Funk-a-delic steel orchestra in Trinidad. First formed in 2004, the steel orchestra band consists of around 40 local children between the ages of 6 and 18. Providing the children with an outlet for team building and community participation, the programme provides music lessons up to three times a week, where they learn how to play the steel pan (Trinidad and Tobago’s national musical instrument) and to read music. The orchestra has performed at a number of ceremonies, including events hosted by the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Training and development of young professionals

During FY2018, Range participated in the Trinidad and Tobago Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers event. The event provided a forum for the engagement, enlightenment and education of engineering and geoscience students and graduates from the local universities of Trinidad and Tobago. Companies such as Range were given the opportunity to meet young local talent, share experience and knowledge, provide guidance and attract future employees.