AIM Rule 26

AIM Rule 26 information

The following information is being provided for the purposes of AIM Rule 26. Last updated in January 2017.

The Company is not subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, but is subject to the Australian Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules.

  • Description of Business & Director’s Requirements

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  • Responsibilities of Management

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  • Incorporation

    Range was incorporated in Australia on 17 September 1982.

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  • Rights of Shareholders

    As Range is not incorporated in the UK, the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated Company. Shareholders should refer to the Company's constitution for further details.

  • Stock Exchange Listings

    Range is both an ASX Listed (ASX:RRS) and AIM Listed (AIM:RRL) Company.

    The Company listed on AIM on 23 October 2007.

    Shares currently on issue: 7,595,830,782.

  • Significant Shareholders

    1. Beijing Sibo Investment Management LP 32%
    2. Abraham Limited 9%
    3. Barclayshare Nominees Limited 6%
    4. TD Direct Investing Nominees Limited (Europe) 4%
    5. Investor Nominees Limited 3%
    6. HSDL Nominees 3%
    7. Hargreaves Lansdown Limited 3%
    8. TD Direct Investing Nominees Limited 2%
    9. HSBC Client Holdings Nominees Limited (UK) 2%

    Range is a non DTR company, and as such, statutory disclosure of significant shareholdings is different and may not always ensure compliance with the requirements of AIM Rule 17. 

    There are no shares held as treasury shares. 

    Approximately 42% of Range’s AIM securities are not in public hands. 

    There are no restrictions on the transfer of Range's AIM securities.

  • Financial Reports

  • Announcements

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  • Advisors

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  • Corporate Governance Code

    The Company has adopted a corporate governance framework which it considers to be suitable given the size, history and strategy of the Group, and consistent with the  Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations (Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 3nd Edition) issued by the ASX Corporate Governance Council. Please refer to the Corporate Governance section for further details.