LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd.

Range continues its partnership with LandOcean, an emerging provider of a wide range of technical and production services. In 2014 Range entered into an Integrated Master Services Agreement, whereby LandOcean will act as the preferred oilfield services contractor to Range in Trinidad.

Under the first US$5 Purchase Order 1 LandOcean provided geological and engineering studies of secondary recovery projects:

  • Screening study of all likely potential horizons and areas that could benefit from waterflooding
  • Technical review of additional reserves and production rates that could be achieved by waterflooding priority areas,   including new well requirements and re-use / recompletion of existing wells.
  • Identification of water volume requirements for waterflooding;
  • Cost estimates of subsurface and surface infrastructure requirements for each waterflooding project, plus screening economics of each project;
  • In collaboration with Range, identification of four priority waterflood projects (three in Beach Marcelle, and one in Morne Diablo); and
  • Joint presentations to Petrotrin and the MEEA of detailed waterflooding plans for these four priority projects.

In December 2014, Range entered into the second purchase order, which covers a wide range of activities, including waterflooding implementation, and drilling of new wells.